Automatic Systems

Intelligent Steel Fabrication
When smart machines, smart software and smart handling systems come together, the outcome is more than just an Automatic System; it's a system that enables Intelligent Steel Fabrication and is transforming the steel fabrication business.

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Intelligent Steel Fabrication using Automatic Systems brings together the full package of Steel Projects PLM along with integrated FICEP equipment and handling systems providing a solution that is unrivalled in the industry. 

Shop Simulation: Provides precise simulations of CNC equipment and handling systems to enable problems to be eliminated before they exist.
  • Simulate your workshop with incredible accuracy
  • Digitally process material prior to assigning resources
  • Assess bottlenecks, routing and thru-put ahead of time
  • Estimate processing time and assess optimum routing prior to issuing work
Shop Supervisor: Provides complete visibility and control over the shop floor
  • Follow shop floor performance and activity – live
  • Track progress from anywhere – live link
  • Monitor and adjust production as needed
Automatic Handling: Provides maximum efficiency with minimum manpower and overhead
  • Fully integrated equipment and handling system
  • Automatic routing between equipment
FICEP and Steel Projects are the innovators and inventors behind Intelligent Steel Fabrication. While the concept is proven across more than 90 installations, our solution remains unique in the industry. Contact us for a demonstration.