BIM/CAD Imports

State of the art capability from a variety of systems and formats: We don't just import data, we check the data against your workshop.
BIM Import: Managing fabrication with a single data file
  • Manage data - not file transfers
  • Import an entire project with a single data file
    • Or import by phase/batch/sequence/etc
  • Comprehensive change management
  • Import from propular 3D detailing and BIM systems
    • e.g. ​SDS/2, Tekla Structures
  • Various formats such as XML and IFC
Supports American Institute of Steel Construction BIMsteel Initiatives

CAD Import: Automatic integration of data from the detailing office
  • Manage data from multiple sources within the same project
  • Import from various sources and formats
    • DSTV
    • DWG
    • DXF
    • STEP
    • etc
  • Import multiple files at once
  • Manage files by project, phase, sequence, etc
  • Manually add or edit data after import
Analyze and comprehend project data as soon as it is imported
  • Profile distribution, length distribution, types of parts, number of assemblies and components etc. 
  • Operations required including number and size of holes, amount of scribing, coping and milling, etc.
Detailed information that lets you plan production accordingly.