CNC Automation

Configure, manage and automate your CNC production
Steel Projects PLM CNC Automation tools increase productivity of your CNC machines by managing and adjusting data before it is issued for production.
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Emulation of CNC machine capability
  • Evaluation of part geometry against CNC capability and operations
  • Tooling check - availability and validity
  • Clash detection and avoidance
  • Scribing optimization
  • Basic nesting
  • Equipment monitoring - alarms and messages
  • Automatic CAM production
  • Automatic or manual production feedback (quantity, time)
  • Post processors integration available for many CNC brands
Steel Projects PLM CNC Automation checks and evaluates the incoming part geometry against the CNC machine capability. This process ensures the part can be procesed by the machine and also ensures no clashes etc. This keeps the machine operating at optimum capacity, and increases your production.