Production Feedback

A comprehensive, flexible and practical way to capture production progress
Steel Projects PLM offers a flexible and easy approach to gathering production feedback. Options range from a fully automatic (live feedback) system to manual or bar code entry at workstations or waypoints. Data captured can be as detailed or as comprehensive as desired.

Production Feedback Options
  • Fully Automatic
    • Live feedback directly into Steel Projects PLM from individual FICEP equipment and from FICEP integrated, automatic systems
  • Manual Entry via CNC Automation
    • CNC operators can key in production times and quantites directly into their consoles
  • Manual Entry via Tablet/Portable Solution
    • A mobile solution for any workstation or waypoint that works on tablets, laptops or even mobile phones
  • Barcode Integration
    • Barcode scanning systems can be integrated with any of our feedback solutions
  • Feedback to 3D Model
    • Direct color coded feedback to the detailers model

The feedback system is flexible, interchangeable and easy to set up and manage. Once the data is captured, Steel Projects PLM can then analyse production and compare estimated versus actual times (etc) enabling you to continually improve your business.

Steel Projects has a philosophy of continuous improvement and our production feedback solutions are a key component of that.