Workflow Management

Create and manage a digital representation of your workshop. And manage it, live.
Optimize you workflow by creating an accurate digital representation of your workshop from which Steel Projects PLM can automatically route and distribute components, manage equipment utilization and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Create a detailed, fully configured digital representation of your workshop including:
    • CNC and manual CNC workstations
    • Different bays, workshops or locations (or subcontractors)
    • Routing preferences and constraints
    • Tooling operations available at each workstation
  • Automatic workflow management and distribution
  • Time estimates: Per workstation, by piece, overall
  • Equipment utilization management
  • Visual representation of shop layout, and part distribution
  • 2D and 3D visualization of routed parts
Workflow management is a key concept that sits at the core of the Steel Projects PLM solution. It is where the capabilities of your shop are compared to the details of what needs to be fabricated such that an optimum production schedule can be created. Read more about this key concept here.