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Transcription of the video

David CASTERA / Industrial IT Manager – Fayat Métal, Steel Construction Division

Can you tell us a few words about Castel & Fromaget?

« Castel & Fromaget is the most important company of Fayat Métal, the French leader in the steel construction market. The company employs more than 275 people and produces approximately 12,000 tons of steel structures per year. It produces all types of steel buildings, from the simplest such as agricultural buildings to the most complex such as stadiums for example. »

How long have you been working with Steel Projects?

« We have been working with Steel Projects since 2004. Our collaboration has resulted in various projects carried out over the years to improve our production management.  »

Vincent BENATTAR / Production Manager - Castel & Fromaget

Can you tell us a few words about your workshop? 

« The workshop in Fleurance has 60 employees. We are equipped with 6 CNC machines for processing, including some Ficep, automatic conveyors, about 16 fitting/welding stations, and a shotblasting/painting line. »

What were the objectives of your collaboration with Steel Projects?

« We wanted to solve common problems that we and many other steel fabricators face, such as: time losses, wastes of raw materials, lack of flexibility, recurring and costly mistakes, lack of visibility on the shop floor, to name a few.

Beyond that, it was an opportunity to build our workshop of the future, with all the technologies available on our market. As a leader, we had to be a forerunner in these matters. »

Why did you choose Steel Projects?

« Steel Projects has been a recognized player in steel construction for over 25 years, in France and abroad. They have a structured team with strong industry expertise. Finally, their membership to the Ficep Group is an undeniable guarantee of solidity which counted in our decision. »

What were the results achieved in your workshop?

« First, significant productivity gains. For example, manual programming or data entry times have been significantly reduced, allowing us to produce more with the same resources.

Second, we have achieved significant savings in raw material. For example, we have been able to measure that our scrap rates have decreased by 2% from 2017 to 2020, thanks to the contribution of Steel Projects' bar and plate nesting algorithms, which represents savings of several tens of thousands of euros per year.

Moreover, having more visibility on the workshop allowed us to better anticipate and detect problems, but also to better analyze our production and thus to identify the margins of progress.

Finally, we now drive our production from a single software, which makes things much easier. »

What developments do you plan to make?

« We are in the process of implementing the management of manual workstations, including shipping, with the mobile application developed by Steel Projects, in order to optimize and track the production on these stations. This will also help us to digitize all the traceability of the workshop. Finally, we would like to integrate even more mobile applications for greater responsiveness and simplicity. We rely on Steel Projects to offer us such solutions soon! »

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Steel Projects?

« I actually worked directly with the Steel Projects team. The developers listen to our requests and are very reactive when it comes to creating new features according to our evolving needs. The customer service team is also very skilled. Most of the people I've worked with have a lot of experience in steel fabrication, in addition to their software skills. »

Did you experience any difficulties?

« The internal change management is a key element of the success of the various projects. Integrating a production management software in a workshop makes the working methods evolve but the Steel Projects teams have been able to assist us so that all the projects succeed. »

Would you recommend Steel Projects?

« Yes, absolutely. Having exchanged with many employees from different departments, it has been a success both on a human level and in the implementation of projects, and it's not over!  »

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Publié le 13 October 2023
Steel Projects is a reliable partner for any service center or steel fabricator looking to develop their business! Moreover, it is owned by the number one manufacturer of machines for our industry, which says a lot about them!


Publié le 06 February 2024
Many thanks to Steel Projects for their efficient intervention in our organization. You are a supplier of choice. We worked with highly skilled collaborators and together, we formed an incredibly efficient project team.