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Cases studies : MOSCA SPA / Service center

Transcription of the video

Nicolas MOSCA / Owner - Managing Director - MOSCA Spa

Can you tell us a few words about Mosca?

« The company was founded by my great-great-grandfather, Giovanni Mosca, in 1882. Over time, the company specialized in the distribution of steel products and steel processing, becoming a service center. Today, Mosca moves about 50,000 tons a year, with daily deliveries to Piedmont, Lombardy and the Aosta Valley. Finally, the company is ISO 9001 and EN1090 certified to offer the best quality to our customers. »

Andrea BORGHETTO / Production Manager - MOSCA Spa

Can you tell us a few words about your workshop? 

« The Benna plant employs 75 people. It is equipped with eight CNC machines, seven of which are FICEP-branded, for cutting and drilling beams, angles, plates, flats, and tubes. »

How long have you been working with Steel Projects?

« We have been working with Steel Projects since 2009, when we purchased a Ficep machine. We later realized the possibilities of the software and implemented additional features over the years. »

Alex VERCELLINO / Production Office - MOSCA Spa

What were the goals of your collaboration with Steel Projects?

« As a service center, the priorities were to minimize waste, optimize programming times and avoid errors. In addition, the ability to handle files from different drawing software and in different formats was a great advantage for us. In fact, we often receive drawings from our customers in different formats.

Finally, being long-time Ficep customers, we wanted to make the most of our investment in CNC machines, so managing them with their historic software partner was an obvious choice. »

Why did you choose Steel Projects?

« The fact that Ficep had been working with them for years was a guarantee of trust for us. In addition, Steel Projects specializes in our field so we expected the software to be designed according to our needs. »


What were some the results achieved in your workshop?

« On the one hand, we significantly improved productivity. For example, manual programming or data entry times were definitely reduced, allowing us to produce more with the same resources.

On the other hand, we have improved flexibility on the shop floor. With the integrated drawing editor, we can edit or create new parts with ease. In addition, we have the ability to combine different projects into one nesting, minimizing waste and maximizing machine performance.

To sum up, having these solutions on the shop floor has helped us streamline various processes and better satisfy our customers with greater responsiveness. »

Nicolas MOSCA

What evolutions do you plan to make?

« We are studying the possibility of automatically linking Steel Projects PLM to our ERP.

Such a total integration could give us advantages in both quoting and order management, avoiding double entries and providing real-time information. »


Can you tell us about your collaboration with Steel Projects?

« As a daily user, I often contact Steel Projects' support team when I need assistance or to solve a problem. They are always responsive and are familiar with all our ongoing tickets because of their internal processes. »

Do you sometimes experience any difficulties?

« Installations of new software versions are sometimes challenging because we have to spend some time on them, but they are really helpful to take advantage of the latest improvements. »

Nicolas MOSCA

Would you recommend Steel Projects?

« Yes, absolutely. The company is a reliable partner for any service center or steel fabricator looking to develop their business! Moreover, it is owned by the number one manufacturer of machines for our industry, which says a lot about them! »

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Publié le 13 October 2023
I actually worked directly with the Steel Projects team. The developers listen to our requests and are very reactive when it comes to creating new features according to our evolving needs. The customer service team is also very skilled. Most of the people I've worked with have a lot of experience in steel fabrication, in addition to their software skills.