Follow and analyze your production in real time
Real-time production analysis software for metalworking

Follow and analyze your production in real time

Optimizing the performance of your metalworking workshop is an obvious necessity for you but it is also important to make sure of it. Steel Projects PLM allows you to follow the progress of steel fabrication production in real time thanks to automatic feedbacks from the CNC machines and manual feedbacks from manual stations. This allows you to trace any part in the shop floor and see the progress of the project to inform everyone involved, including your customers.

These feedbacks also allow you to create and analyze performance indicators by workstation, employee, project, etc. You can thus identify the margins of progress precisely in order to maximize all your resources.

Finally, the interaction with the machines we offer allows you to receive messages and alerts in real time on mobile or PC. Therefore, you have the possibility to solve possible problems in a reactive way but also to anticipate them.

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