Increase flexibility

Flexible steel fabrication software

Flexibility has become a key success factor for companies that must constantly adapt to remain productive. Our solutions help you on a daily basis. Thanks to Steel Projects PLM, you can manage your production workshop (launch and follow-up) with more ease and efficiency.

Steel Projects PLM allows you to manage the parts and assemblies to be produced, before feeding the workshop. These are imported from the detailing office, then checked and modified if necessary to fit the workshop operation. The round trips between departments are less numerous, or even unnecessary.

The project management module gives you access to all the necessary information, very simply. You can therefore anticipate many constraints or requirements, for production or shipping. For example, you know as soon as a new order arrives if the parts are large and therefore complex to handle and transport.

When starting production, you can easily allocate parts, goups of parts or nests to different machines that can fabricate them. You can also prepare in advance how the parts and assemblies will be produced. For example, which technology will be chosen to cut plates. In addition, multi-project fabrication jobs can be created to help you organize and optimize your production. Time forecasts help you to plan and to allocate the work of the shop floor.

Our solutions can be used on different PCs and mobiles that interact with each other via a structured and secure database, but also via an integrated real-time messaging system. This flexibility guarantees a great comfort of use for your operators and saves you a lot of unnecessary movements in the workshop.

This non-exhaustive list of the benefits of our solutions invites you to visit the page describing all our features, to learn more.