Manage constraints related to standards (Traceability / EN1090)
Metal work software with BS EN 1090 traceability

Manage constraints related to standards (Traceability / EN1090)

As soon as the material is received, an internal traceability number is created and is tracked throughout the production process. This number is associated with the cast number provided by the steel supplier to ensure a BS EN 1090 traceability compliance.

After the cutting stations, our solutions allow to edit labels to be stuck or binded on the parts to follow this number until the shipments. The traceability number is also entered or scanned by the operator on the numerical control to associate parts to it.

At each stage of the workshop, operators can enter additional traceability information such as weld cords used for defined assemblies, or paint barrels used for defined batches for example.

Production traceability

Thanks to a real time connection with the CNC machines. This interoperability also makes it possible to record all the operations carried out, by whom, when, by which processing, for how long, etc.

This step is manual but facilitated on manual stations thanks to a dedicated mobile application. The operators enter all the information and it is sent and processed in our software.  Quality control can be managed this way. The use of a tablet or a smartphone also allows the addition of photos to enrich the management of this control.

The contribution of IT

Steel Projects PLM allows you to manage user rights and thus to manage the possibilities to perform certain jobs according to the skills of the operators, which can be a requirement of the standards.

Barcode systems connected to a dedicated mobile application make these entry jobs easier and very simple for the operators to perform.

The time-consuming work of collecting this information by the team managers is no longer necessary since the information is automatically fed back into our software and can be tracked from the office.

Finally, tracking traceability in a digitalized way makes it possible to secure the data for years to come since the information will be stored on a virtual server for a long period of time, as it can be required by the standards.

All the concrete cases explained in this page are only examples of how to achieve certification. Our solutions can be adapted to other concrete examples that you would like to manage. Our trainers are also there to understand your needs and respond to them as precisely as possible. They then adjust the software configuration accordingly.

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