Manage constraints related to standards (Traceability / EN1090)

Metal work software with BS EN 1090 traceability

Since 2014, the EN1090 standard has become mandatory for all European steel fabricators. It can be defined by requirements in terms of personnel qualification, process monitoring, quality control, material traceability management and CE marking.

Certification is a challenge for steel construction companies, which must show adaptation and rigor to obtain it. This certification step represents an opportunity, since it opens the company to new markets, sometimes abroad, while leading to an improvement of the production process.

Our solutions are an essential tool for a manufacturer wishing to comply with the EN1090 standard.

Some examples :

Material traceability

As soon as the material is received, an internal traceability number is created and followed throughout the production process. This number is associated with the cast number and other certificates provided by the suppliers.

After the cutting stations, our solutions allow to edit labels to identify the parts and maintain traceability until the shipments. It is also possible to mark or label offcuts that return to stock, to maintain their traceability.

At each stage of production, in the workshop, operators can enter additional traceability information such as welding or painting consumables.

Production traceability

Steel Projects PLM allows for automatic production monitoring thanks to a real-time connection with the CNC machines. This interoperability also allows to record all operations performed, by whom, when, for which operation, on which station, for how long, etc.

For manual stations, this step is facilitated by the use of our software dedicated to the workshop, on mobile or PC. Operators enter the information, or scan QR codes or barcodes, to feed the production tracking data.

For quality control or shipping, using a tablet or smartphone also allows adding photos to enrich the control data.

The contribution of IT

Steel Projects PLM allows the management of user rights, to authorize the execution of certain jobs according to the skills and qualifications of the operators, which is also a requirement of the standard.

Barcode or QR code systems facilitate data entry and make it simple and instinctive for the shop floor staff.

The tedious work of collecting information by team leaders, for example, is facilitated by automatic feedback, for a facilitated production monitoring.

Finally, the fact of managing traceability in a digitalized way makes it possible to secure the data for years, in a secure database, as required by the EN 1090 standard.

All the concrete cases explained in this page are only examples to reach the certification. Our solutions are adapted to the different cases encountered.

Our consultants are there to analyze your needs and provide the most precise and adapted answers. They adjust the software configuration accordingly.