Maximize your resources and production capabilities
Metal work optimisation software, resource optimisation for metal work workshop

Maximize your resources and production capabilities

Steel Projects PLM allows you to maximize your resources and capabilities. Firstly, by importing drawings from the detailing office, adjusting them and then creating the corresponding programs for the CNC machines, you can ensure a continuous flow of information during the production process. Creating programs automatically is a crucial factor for your productivity. It makes no sense to use the most efficient machines if programming times are long, especially if errors are made during this step.

In addition, our software interacts in real time with the numerical controls to feed back production information. You can thus follow the progress of the production, but also be alerted of possible events on the machine. For example, an alert that stops production. You can quickly remedy it and thus be reactive.

Steel Projects PLM also makes it possible to organize production before it starts. You can allocate parts, bars, plates, batches or fabrication jobs to a specific machine or manual station, if several have the same capacity. This avoids bottlenecks or overloads on some stations while others are free during this time.

In addition, all our solutions for the management of manual stations (on mobile or PC) increase productivity per station. Indeed, the operators have reliable and quickly accessible information at their disposal in order to be as efficient as possible. Even the most novice of your operators can maximize their performance thanks to production assistance tools such as 3D visualizations of assemblies on the welding stations, in addition to scribing information on the parts allowing them to position them visually and without error before welding them. Newly recruited welders can therefore be operational very quickly.

Customizable performance reports, by station or operator, allow you to ensure that your capabilities are maximized.

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