Maximize your resources and production capabilities

Metal work optimisation software, resource optimisation for metal work workshop

Steel Projects PLM allows to maximize your resources and capabilities. Firstly, by importing drawings from the detailing office, adjusting them and then creating the corresponding programs for the CNC machines, you can ensure a continuous flow of information during the production process. Creating programs automatically is a crucial factor in your productivity. Having the most efficient machines is meaningless if programming times are long, especially if errors are made during this step.

Our software interacts in real time with the CNC to provide production information. You can thus follow the progress of production and be alerted to unforeseen events occurring on each workstation, such as an alarm that stops production, for example. You can quickly solve any incident, gain in reactivity, and therefore increase productivity.

Steel Projects PLM enables production planning. You can assign work to each machine and each workstation, via work orders, by managing the load and its distribution, according to the capacities assigned to each workstation. This prevents bottlenecks or overloads.

In addition, all of our solutions for manual workstations (mobile or PC-based) increase productivity per station. Operators have reliable and quickly accessible information, wherever they are, to be as efficient as possible. Even inexperienced operators can improve their performance with production support tools. In the case of assemblies, the 3D visualization of drawings and the use of scribing allow them to be operational very quickly.

Performance reports, by station or by operator, allow you to quickly measure the efficiency and productivity of your workshop.

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