Take full control of your workshop

Steel Projects PLM allows you to manage all aspects of your production process from a single interface, accessible through a single software application. All relevant information is just a click away and securely stored in a database. You can launch production and manage workflows from your office, then monitor progress thanks to production feedbacks from the workshop. Work orders and programs are automatically sent to the CNC machines and manual stations. The feedback are automatic on the CNC machines and done by the operators on the manual stations.

You can also easily share information with the people involved in the project, whether they are on the shop floor or in other departments of the company. An internal messaging system integrated into the software will allow you to send instructions and exchange with operators.

Finally, the ability to limit your movements will allow you to perform other tasks at the same time, but above all, to avoid unnecessary contact, which is particularly useful in a context of health risk that requires social distancing.