Scalable solution
steel fabrication management solution

Scalable solution

Steel Projects offers a tiered, scalable solution for fabricators of all sizes and types:


Scalable steel fabricator production software

Steel Projects PLM is a scalable solution for fabricators of all sizes. Customers can start with a simple standalone solution and slowly evolve toward Intelligent Steel Fabrication by adding modules and upgrading capability toward a completely automated facility. Our different modules are composed of different features:

Structural steel fabricator production management software

To find your solution, download our brochures and select the modules and features you need, then contact us for a demonstration and consultation. Besides, you can also watch our videos showing most features of each solution:


Scalable steel fabrication production monitoring software

Parts Manager videos:




> Presentation

> Quick demo

> Import BIM (XML and IFC files)

> Import DSTV files

> Import DXF and DWG files automatically 

> Import DXF and DWG files manually 

> Create parts

> Selection window

> Create view shop drawings

> Create view print reports

> Manual nesting

> Automatic section nesting

> Import Excel stock

> Interface FabSuite

> Create FNC and CAM data

> Post processor configuration

> Fabrication job creation

> Import PNI

> Shipping

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