Production Manager

Total control over production across multiple projects and shops
Production Manager is your control panel and dashboard that provides complete control and visibility to your shop operations and production status.
  • Create and manage work orders
    • By component, assembly, phase, batch, etc
    • Across facility, project, phase
  • Manage production in terms of operations and processes
    • Not only by material and geometry
  • Part validation
    • Check parts for validity - can they be fabricated, and by which machine or workstation
  • CNC data creation and distribution
    • Automatically create CNC data as needed and configured for different machines and equipment
  • Track Production
  • Production analysis
    • Compare time estimates with actual production
    • Monitor workstation performance (CNC or manual)
Production Manager allows you to seamlessly link project requirements with your shop capabilities and optimize production accordingly. This is a core concept of the Steel Projects PLM solution. Read more here.