Automation: creation of programs and post processors for CNC machines

steel fabrication cnc machine program creation

When exporting production data from Steel Projects PLM, it is automatically converted into programs that can be executed by CNC machines. These programs can be for parts or nesting, but also for automatic conveyors to move parts from one machine to another.

Being Steel Projects’ main historic know-how, the creation of programs for CNC machines is a critical aspect for optimizing production in your company. It ensures to send data directly executables by post processors and then limits the manual operations by operators.


Automatic creation and optimization of programs for CNC machines

Those programs take into account all the potential adjustments that have been made on pieces and the actual capacities of the machines available. It is a dramatic added value compared to importing the DSTV exported from the detailing software as it guarantees a seamless launching of production on CNC machines. Operators can then benefit from that time saving to work on other jobs in masked times.

Automatic management of tool changes

The programs created know the required tools for each operation and the post processors will execute accordingly.

WINCN (post-processors for Ficep machines)

The WinCN is the name of the post processors that we supply for Ficep CNC machines. They ensure a seamless execution of desired steel fabrication programs.

DSTV+ Export (files executable by post-processors of machines from other suppliers)

Those files are the ones created for post processors coming from all machine producers. Since most fabricators are equipped with machines acquired from different suppliers, we can integrate with them easily.

Use of barcodes available to run programs

Barcode systems can be installed on machines to run the programs even more seamlessly.

Creation of programs for automatic conveyors

Steel Projects PLM takes into account the workflows for each piece. If you are equipped with automatic conveyors, that information can then be included in the programs created to route them automatically from one machine to the next one.

Automatic feedback to track pieces and operations

The advanced integration that we have with CNC machines allows to collect production feedback automatically. Once processed, that information allow to track piece live in the shop floors, as well as track operations for traceability purposes. Collecting production times will also allow to analyze productivity easily.

On-demand development of post-processors for machines not known yet by Steel Projects PLM

Our long experience in steel fabrication has allowed us to integrate with many different machines, whether they are Ficep machines or not. In case we do not know yet some of your machines, we can develop the required post-processors to automatically connect with them.



Time saving


Error reduction


Reduction of manual operations


Maximization of machine capacities


Maximization of machine capacities


Productivity gains


Reduction of bottlenecks

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