Real time production monitoring

real-time monitoring software steel fabrication

Thanks to the automatic feedbacks collected from the CNC machines and the manual feedbacks collected from manual workstations, you can follow the progress of your production in real time with just one click. You can also follow the activity of your workshop in real time.


Production progress tracking at different levels

  • Project
  • Plan
  • Assembly
  • Secondary part
  • Fabrication jobs

A color codes is applied to each desired step of production.
Those colors can be seen directly in the 3D model in Steel Projects PLM to track production on the desired level (BIM 4D).

Dedicated section for advanced monitoring at different levels

  • Nesting (bars and plates)
  • Tooling
  • Operations
  • Operators
  • Workstations
  • Alarms and messages
  • Shipping
  • Traceability ID’s
  • Etc.

Edition of reports for monitoring

  • Standard
  • Customizable

Workshop monitoring

At each desired workstation (automatic or manual), see some live information such as:

  • Operator logged in
  • Program or work order in progress
  • Potential current messages and alerts
  • Last feedback received
  • Machine or station status (on/off)
  • Preventive maintenance information
  • Remaining workload
  • Ect.

A mobile version of the Workshop monitoring is available. It allows even more reactivity as the potential alerts can be sent directly on smartphone to employees in the workshop.

Live messaging system integrated

The messaging system allows to send information back to the office in order to know what is happening in the workshop and then be more reactive in decision making.



Improved control of workshop activity


Maximization of machine capacities


Time saving (reduction of unnecessary trips in the workshop)




Simplification of processes


Reduction of bottlenecks


Productivity gains


Improvement of your customers’ satisfaction

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