Feasibility checks

steel fabrication part checking software

Once the files are imported from the detailing office, they can be checked in several ways before being sent to production.

Through these different operations, you make sure that you only send parts that are compliant and ready to be manufactured!


2D and 3D visualization of secondary parts

  • Control secondary steel parts with their 2D drawings and associated dimensions
  • View the part from all angles with a 3D engine integrated with Steel Projects PLM
  • Zoom in on specific areas for even greater accuracy

3D visualization of assemblies

Thanks to the IFC and XML formats that allow to import assembly information, visualize assemblies in 3D and zoom in and out if needed. In addition to a visual control, you can anticipate the different constraints related to this or that assembly on the welding stations.

Integrated drawing editor

If you need to make changes to parts, use the drawing module integrated to Steel Projects PLM. Similar to most of common 2D drawing software on the market, it allows you to change tooling operations, dimensions, bends, macros, etc. You can even edit new parts from this module if needed.

Automatic part checking at two levels

  • Errors detected according to the workshop capacities: comparison of the required tooling operations with the available operations (hole diameters compared to the available drills for example).
  • Potential errors in the imported drawings: drilling operation too close to the edges of the parts for example.



Time saving


Error reduction


Flexibility : no need to ask the detailing office for small adjustments


Comfort of use thanks to 3D

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