Production analysis

production analysis software steel fabrication

Thanks to the automatic feedbacks collected from the CNC machines and the manual feedbacks collected from manual workstations, you can analyze your performance at multiple levels and ways.


Analysis of raw material

  • Quantity and weight used
  • Scrap and remnant rates

Analysis of the entire production

  • Quantity, weight
  • Time (operation, production, presence)
  • Production steps (CNC machines, fitting and welding, treatments, shipping, etc.)
  • Weights, times, yields, anomalies, remnant rates

Analysis of the productivity of your CNC machines or manual workstations

  • Production and downtimes
  • Alarms and alerts recorded
  • Total weight on a time period
  • Total production times on a time period
  • Configurable performance indicators on time periods (dedicated Android mobile application)

Productivity analysis by operator

  • Time spent producing and on which parts and projects
  • Time spent performing operations not assigned to projects such as maintenance, cleaning, etc.
  • Record of attendance and break times

Productivity analysis by project

  • Production times available at different levels of detail (project, phase, assembly, secondary part)
  • Comparison of estimated times with actual times

Ergonomics to visualize the different results

analyse de production par courbe et graphique
  • Dashboard and standard widgets (bar charts, tables, pie charts, graphs, etc.)
  • Progress bars (production progress, availability and inventory status)
  • Creation of customizable dashboards and widgets
  • GANTT visualizations
  • Edition of standard or customizable productivity reports



Rapid identification of possible discrepancies and drifts and, where appropriate, prospects for improvement


Better visibility on workshop performance and easy access to financial data to measure global performance


Possibility to use this information to better anticipate the costs to be expected per project (estimating)


Better information sharing with employees

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