Production planning and preparation

production manager software steel fabrication

Our steel fabrication production manager module allows you to start fabrication in the most optimal way and is one of Steel Projects PLM’s strongest added values.


Creation of steel fabrication jobs

Organize your production with the creation of fabrication job that you will be able to track through production. Filters can be used to create groups of pieces that you want to include in them, depending on different factors (type of profile, thickness, etc.). You can mix pieces from different projects.

Virtual steel fabrication workshop

  • Creation of a virtual workshop composed of all its workstations (CNC machines and manual workstations)
  • Configuration of all the operations available for each
  • Simplified visualization of this virtual workshop
  • Access to emulators to visualize production before it actually starts

Production workflows

  • Configuration of preferred workflows according to profile types, dimensions, and possible other factors
  • When several machines with the same features are available, possibility to change those workflows live depending on the information available such as the current machines loads, potential breakdowns or different constraints

Forecasted production times

Forecasted production times can be calculated according to predefined formulas. Those are available by part, group of parts, nesting, or fabrication jobs, and by workstations and more precisely by specific operations.


The scheduling feature allows you to assign jobs on a GANTT chart to help you schedule your production and anticipate the resources needed to manufacture your projects.

Files exports to the workshop

Once production is prepared, all files can be exported to the desired workstations. CNC data for CNC machines, work order for manual workstations.

Multi-site available

It is possible to configure several sites and their associated virtual workshop and workflows and manage them from one. Jobs can also be exported to those external sites.



Time saving and optimization of resources




Reduction of bottlenecks


Maximization of the workshop’s capacities


Simplification of processes


Productivity gains


Reduction of unnecessary handling operations

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