Project Management

steel fabrication production management software

This module is at the heart of the Steel Projects PLM solution. it allows the management and control of ongoing steel fabrication projects or contracts. In one click, access any project and its complete information.


Multi-levels project organization

Find under this interface the steel fabrication project nomenclature as it was imported from the drawing software: project / project / phase / assembly / secondary part. These different levels and the elements that compose them are accessible via different tabs to facilitate ergonomics.

Centralization of all project-related information

Quick access to all useful data to get an overview of the project and help in decision making: name of the project, customer, weight, surface, person in charge, expected delivery date, distribution by profile type, tooling operations required by type, grades, etc.

Traceability of revisions

Recording of all the changes made that are made on a project (What? Who? When?). Quick and visual comparison from one version to another.

Tooling technology management

Possibility to modify the tooling operations of a part or a group of parts. Modifications can range from changing the diameter of a hole to replacing one technology with another. For example, converting punching into drilling, or converting notching into scribing (if your machines do not allow, but you want to make it easier for the manual saw station later).

Document management

Possibility to attach all useful documents (casting numbers, raw material delivery notes, emails, etc.) of a project in the same location. This ensures that they are not misplaced and increases the level of information available to all project stakeholders. This is also very important for traceability management.

Structuration of profile data

Registration of all types of profiles (Beams, plates, angles, etc.) managed in a database, allowing automatic management of certain parameters based on the software’s recognition of these types of profiles.

Management of projects’ statuses

Consultation of projects according to their status: to be produced, in production, completed, etc. Application of filters available to find them more easily.

Management of projects’ types

Possibility to create new projects from standard projects or catalogs (particularly useful for manufacturers of transmission towers for example).



Time saving




Simplification of processes


Error reduction




Reduction of paper use

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