Stock and purchasing management

stock and purchasing management software steel fabrication

This module allows you to optimize your stock and purchase management but also to optimize the link between production and available stocks.



Our stock module allows an easy access to the list of available stocks by profile type and size. Their locations are also tracked to find them easily.

stock and purchasing management software steel fabrication
real-time monitoring software steel fabrication

Reception of materials

As soon as the material is received from the suppliers, you can enter the new stocks in the software. An internal traceability number, linked to the cast number provided by your suppliers is created to prepare the material traceability during the production process.

Priority management

When you make your section and plate nesting in the software, a link is made with the stock module in order to reserve the necessary material for production. You can decide to take certain pieces in priority according to different factors. When the desired lengths are not available, the software automatically generates purchase lists in order to start the ordering process with your suppliers.

Automatic and instant update of available and reserved stocks

Management of scraps and remnants

When a bar or a plate has been cut, an ID is created for any offcuts to be put back in stock. By entering the dimensions of these offcuts, you can use them for future nesting.

Traceability management

Following the internal ID for each bar or plate, and remnant allows to track the supplier’s cast number associated throughout the production process. This is an important part of material tracebility.

Management of supppliers

The stock module stores a complete list of your suppliers, along with their products available and the prices associated. Those information enable to optimize the purchases of steel and its invoicing.



Time saving


Reduction of errors




Reduction of paper use


Improvement and digitalization of traceability management

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