Traceability management

steel fabrication traceability management software

During the entire production process, a considerable amount of Information is stored in the Steel Projects PLM database thanks to all the feedback collected from the workshop or the erection site. Once processed, these data can be used to edit the traceability files that you need.


Production traceability

Steel Projects PLM allows you to save all the operations carried out on each piece (who, when, where, how?) thanks to the automatic feedback from CNC machines, and manual feedback from manual workstations, including quality control stations.

Many other features of the software also allow to enrich and facilitate traceability management: management of revisions, checking of the feasibility of parts, management of the user rights, management of constraints related to norms (restrictions of some tooling operations according to execution class for example, etc).

Material traceability

In order to follow the material as soon as it is received, our solutions allow to create an ID of traceability associated with the cast number given by the steel supplier. This ID is then tracked throughout the production process. Operators on CNC machines or manual workstations input that number on parts that are being produced. In addition, information related to the consumable used can be recorded. For example, which weld bead and which barrel of paint were used for which part or assembly?

High level of accuracy possible if needed

Unique identifications of parts are possible for those that are in multiple quantities, thanks to the imports of detailed information from the CAD software. There is also the possibility to adjust them inside Steel Projects PLM after the imports (External or internal GUID’s). This level of accuracy allows to manage the maximum traceability requirements possible.

Creation of barcodes, QR codes and labels

At any stage of the process, edit barcodes/QR codes and labels associated to facilitate the identification of pieces, raw material and remnants, in order to save time and avoid errors.

Generation of reports

  • Traceability PDF files on demand to share them easily with stakeholders
  • Zip files for more detailed information in different files (traceability certificates, heat numbers, etc.)



Save time (double input, use of unnecessary papers, etc.)


Assistance in complying with the current standards, particularly on complex projects (execution classes)


Access to projects with demanding specifications


Improvement of productivity due to the adjustments made on all the processes in the workshop

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