SMART program

SMART program

Software Maintenance Assistance and Remote Training Program


When you invest in our software, you are investing in years of experience, code writing, research and development. You are investing in the product as it exists today.
However, our product is never ‘finished’: We are always developing new features, enhancing the user experience, and researching new technology. To keep up with this continuous improvement, we offer you our SMART program.

Software Maintenance Assistance and Remote Training ProgramSteel projectsHigh Quality Support

  • Technical Assistance and Support: Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Coverage for up to 18 hours of every working day1
  • Both phone and email support is distributed across our global software experts
  • All support calls generate a ticket that is tracked to completion
  • Includes Remote Access Support which allows our technicians to remotely access your desktop and provide technical assistance

Software Upgrades and Improvements

  • New version releases and upgrades2
  • Fixes and improvements to existing features

Remote Training Sessions

  • Quick fix online training sessions as available


  • Assistance whenever you need it
  • Choose how you get help (emails, phone calls)
  • Always be up to date with the latest version of our software2
  • Continually improve your Steel Projects PLM software skills
  • High quality support for a low annual investment


Time zone coverage ranges from Pacific Standard Time (PST) in the USA to Central European Standard Time (CEST). Contact us for more information.

Only valid within a ‘generation’ of software release. i.e. Upgrading from the ‘WIN’ Generation to the ‘PLM’ Generation of Steel Projects software is not included in the SMART program. Also, each version of WinNest requires purchase of the actual upgrade

The SMART Program is an addition to our existing Steel Projects PLM packages. It helps ensure you are using our solutions to the maximum of their – and your – capabilities:

Smart Programm Steel Projects

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