SMART program

The service agreement by Steel Projects!

The SMART Program (Software Maintenance, Assistance and Remote Training Program) allows you to get unlimited support from our team of experts, whether it is to solve a problem or to help you improve your knowledge of our software and its possibilities. In addition, it gives you access to the latest versions that we release two times a year with all their new features. Finally, it offers other advantages such as user days (physically or remotely), regular webinars, etc.

Registering to our SMART Program is ensuring you make the most out of your investment in our software!

Technical assistance and support: unlimited telephone and e-mail support

  • Extensive hourly coverage thanks to our offices and subsidiaries around the world.
  • Both phone and email support are distributed across our global software experts.
  • All support requests generate a ticket that is tracked to completion.
  • Includes remote access support which allows our technicians to remotely access your desktop and provide technical assistance (Team Viewer).

Software upgrades and improvements

  • New version releases and upgrades.*
  • Fixes and improvements to existing features

When you invest in our software, you are investing in years of experience, code writing, research and development. You are investing in the product as it exists today. However, our product is never "finished". We are constantly developing new features, improving the user experience, and researching new technologies.

A product committee made up of people from different departments of the company meets regularly to arbitrate the new features to be developed and integrated into new versions.

To keep you up to date with these developments, we offer our SMART program.

Exclusive advantages

  • Access to regular webinars presenting new features.
  • Access to user days for the same reasons as webinars, in addition to the opportunity to meet our team and other users. This can sometimes be done remotely.
  • Continuous and personalized follow-up by our team: no matter who processes your request, our database stores your company history and workshop information, as well as all the tickets you have created so far with our support team.


  • Assistance whenever you need it
  • Choose how you get help (emails, phone calls)
  • Always be up to date with the latest version of our software*
  • Continually improve your Steel Projects PLM software skills
  • High quality support for a Iow annual investment

* Only valid within a 'generation' of software release. i.e. Upgrading from the 'WIN' Generation to the 'PLM' Generation of Steel projects software is not included in the SMART program. Also each version of WinNEST requires purchase of the actual upgrade.

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