Erection site follow-up

steel fabrication erection site follow up software

Once the parts have been delivered to the construction site, you can use our mobile Android mobile application Workshop Assistant to enter the progress and times from the construction on site.


Checking of receptions on site

As the trucks are arriving on site, operators can enter what has been delivered and send that information back to the software.

Erection follow-up

suivi de chantier avec gpao

The progress of the erection can then be monitored in Steel Projects PLM in real time. A color code is applied to the ‘Erection’ station to track it. Times can be entered or counted in real time with a stopwatch to add productivity data.

Input of traceability information

  • Operators in charge of erection
  • Bolts used
  • Welding wires used on site
  • Etc.
information de traçabilité suivi de chantier

Ergonomics (for the mobile version)

  • Simplified ergonomics for a quick introduction to the application
  • Possibility to use barcode or QR code scanning systems. This allows to facilitate the input for the operator as they do not need to type directly on the screen to enter data
  • Multiple possibilities for connection: Wi-Fi, offline mode, 4G/5G

Live messaging system integrated

The messaging system allows to send instructions to operators such as priorities for erection for example. Besides, it helps to better manage non-conformities or revisions thanks to the flexibility offered by such a system. Indeed, operators can be more reactive when facing situations requiring their manager’s approval.

Configuration of user rights

In order to control what can be done by each of your worker, you can configure their user rights in the application. This is also useful for traceability management.

Real-time data exchange with the Steel Projects PLM database

Data are sent automatically and live so you can see what is currently going on the erection site.



Flexibility (development of mobility on construction sites)


Time savings (reduction of unnecessary trips) and entry times


Improvement of traceability management


Improvement of quality control

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